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Trafalgar Business Solutions provides high quality healthcare products and services to providers. We offer prompt and effecient delivery of a wide range of medical equipment, supplies and services.

As a small business, we are able to meet the needs of our clients with exceptional service and results. Trafalgar is able to meet the diverse needs of the healthcare industry.  Our experience allows us to deliver outstanding results. 

Helping the healthcare industry deliver the best possible care.
               NAICS CODE                         DESCRIPTION
                   423450                                Medical, Dental and Hospital Equipment and Supplies
                              621111                                Offices of Physicians
                              621210                                Offices of Dentists
                              621330                                Offices of Mental Health Practictitioners
                              621340                                Offices of Physical, Occupational and Speech                                                                                                                                          Therapists and Audiologists     
                              621493                                Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers  
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